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Alila SCBD Location

Spinal Health and Wellness opened a location in in 2021, making it simpler and easier to access our range of natural services. All ages are welcome here, with a broad array of solutions to suit each need.

Get to Know Us

Our friendly, caring team creates a welcoming, warm environment for you to enjoy.


Dr Rosa Widian and Dr Erick Helia D each have years of experience in the medical field and put their deep knowledge to your benefit. By focusing on natural solutions, we have seen numerous people get incredible results!

Available Services

At our Spinal Health and Wellness office, you can choose from the following services:

Spinal manipulation, or spinal correction, is based on enhancing the function of your nervous system. We do so by returning your spine to the proper alignment, allowing your nerves to flow freely. All around the world, millions of people have experienced incredible benefits from spinal manipulation.

Disc herniations, disc bulges, degenerated discs, sciatica, spinal stenosis and carpal tunnel syndrome may all get results from spinal decompression. You’ll lie down on our comfortable, state-of-the-art decompression table for a 15-20 minute session, letting the table do the work for your body.

If you’ve been injured, we offer options to rehabilitate your health and bring you back to a state of optimal wellbeing. Our physiotherapy programs maximize your strength, motion and function, with each program designed to suit individual needs. Our team of physiotherapists is overseen by our doctors, working together to benefit you.

If you’d like to have better posture, more strength or move with greater fluidity, Motion Dynamics may be a perfect option. It’s an innovative fitness program that will help you prevent injury and strengthen weakened areas. You can choose whether you’d like an efficient 30-minute session or a longer, more detailed 60-minute session.


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