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New Patients

Welcome to Spinal Health and Wellness! Our warm and welcoming office is the perfect place to discover natural pain relief and more.

The First Visit

You will first be asked to complete some health history information on the iPad. Then you will see one of the doctors. Next, you will have various physical exams including

  • An orthopedic exam
  • A neurological exam
  • A postural screen

Then we will refer you out to have X-rays taken.

Please allow 30 minutes for this first appointment.

This appointment is your report of findings visit. Your doctor will review what he found from your exam results. Then he will make his recommendations, which may include additional services such as motion dynamic stretching, spinal decompression and physiotherapy.

This appointment takes approximately 45 minutes.

As the first and second appointments need to be longer so we can accomplish what we need to you may be wondering if regular visits will take as long. They will not. That’s because we lay the groundwork for your care plan during your first few visits. So when you come in for spinal correction or therapy, you typically will have a fairly brief appointment.

How long you come in for spinal manipulation is up to you. Some patients come in just to get relief from their pain while others see us for maintenance care because they want to continue to feel their best. You will never feel pressured to commit to any long-term care plans.

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