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Meet Our Doctors

Our highly skilled South Jakarta doctors are passionate about providing natural health care solutions to patients of all ages. We’d like you to get to know them better.

Dr Ronald Janfrional

Chiropractor South Jakarta, Dr Ronald JanfrionalMore familiarly known as Dr Ronald, Dr. Janfrional graduated from the Atma Jaya Faculty of Medicine in Jakarta in 2011. Immediately afterwards, he obtained training in the field of biomechanical medicine.

Before and during his training in biomechanical medicine (2011-2012), Dr. Ronald also worked at a community health center in Penjaringan, North Jakarta. He served as a medical consultant on a website that provides online health consultation services.

I chose biomechanical medicine as my profession. I did so because biomechanical correction was considered to be a good, effective and safe way to restore the condition of bones and joints. Biomechanical correction also could help with nerve and muscle problems.

Biomechanical correction can also minimize the use of drugs, according to Dr. Ronald, particularly in chronic pain cases. In addition, biomechanical correction can help prevent bone and joint disease. “Those conditions likely will increase especially when the percentage of elderly is getting higher.”

Dr. Ronald currently lives in South Jakarta. He enjoys an active life. His hobbies and interests include swimming, meditation and yoga. He also regularly does weight training in the gym.

Chiropractor South Jakarta, Dr Erick Helia D

Dr Erick Helia D

Upon completion of his general medical education, Dr. Erick Helia D served as head of the ER at one of the private hospitals in the Cikarang area. He worked there for several years.

Due to his concern for patients who for years, complained of pain in the spine without healing, Dr. Erick Helia D became curious about spine and extremity rehabilitation and biomechanical therapy.

He saw good results in patients who received therapy sessions. Dr. Erick Helia D also saw them improve their quality of life.

Seeing patients return passionately to life and resume their favorite activities are gifts to me. I hope that the team and I can address patient complaints. It’s also my desire to prevent future complaints.

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